Only a few months ago I just had two lil's. Two sons. Two sets of tiny hands to grab my neck and give me kisses in the morning. I affectionately referred to them as my big and new lil. One, the oldest. The other, the youngest. And now, things have changed. My "new lil" is no longer "new" and hardly even "lil". I hate to say he has been "replaced" and would much rather express to him that he's been "promoted"! But it's hard, explaining that to a two and a half year old. I attempt to offer my opened arms to him and he often rejects them. I set aside special time for just he and I and it seems to go unwanted. I've listened to every suggestion under the sun referring to my "middle" child and most just don't seem to fit our family mold. And one day I started to lay off. I started to pray more and say less. In an attempt to let THIER "siblingness" unfold naturally. And, its turning out to be the best decision I ever made. 

He bridges the gap. My oldest does. He, somehow... in someway, shape or form, bridges the gap between them. He snuggles and kisses her and cares for her, all while setting an awesome little example for his baby brother to do the same. "You're her big brother too." he says. 

Its just really nice to know that I can receive help from the unlikely of places in this parenting journey of mine. Its just really nice to know that...

He bridges the gap!

From Syreena, With Love