Ive noticed a difference in myself lately. Somewhat of a "wherever I go, she goes" kind of difference. It's made me think a lot about the example I am setting for my daughter. The example that shows her what a woman, a Godly woman looks like. I enjoy doing everything with her. I find myself talking to her all day and all night. Sharing with her, my struggles as a mommy, as a wife, as a sister, as a friend. I want to make sure she learns from me. That I am her ultimate teacher and that one day she will be able to say that she learned her best lessons on being the ultimate lady from her mama. 

I feel like my post are beginning to have the same tone. A reflective, finding of me type of tone. It wont always be this way. But for now, Im grateful. Im vulnerable. Im pensive. Im searching for the "why" that grounds me and helps me remember to get back on the right path when I loose my way. 

Anyways, My prayer is that we stay close always.

From Syreena, With Love