i have no idea exactly how we got here. i remember wearing her in my wrap and looking down at her face staring back at me. i remember staring so deep into her eyes and thinking, "i wonder what you will be like when you are THREE?" she was such a beautiful baby then and an even more beautiful little girl now. this morning, i plan on making her favorite breakfast, painting her nails, braiding her hair, coloring pretty flowers, playing dress up, opening our play restaurant for business and singing the Home Soundtrack at the very top of my lungs with her. but right now, i just want to stare at a few more photos of her when she wasn't THREE and was still my lady baby.

i can't stress enough how much having photos/videos/blog post + journal entries, bless me as my babies get older. like the story of her birth, and how different it was to have a girl, when i was having trouble adjusting to three kids, and being a newbie at doing hair, or when she turned three months old, and that scary time she spent nights in the hospital, up until we celebrated her first birthday!!! and now she is THREE...

my only regret is that i wish i had taken MORE pictures, MORE videos and written MORE blog post + journal entries. but thats ok.... there is always room to step it up a little :)

i love my little lady baby with all of my heart. happy birthday my precious little girl.

from syreena, with love