In my mind I created a fantasy land. A land where activities and outings with my babies were perfect, full of laughs, lots of photo ops and plenty of fun had by all. Fantasy, for sure. What I have experienced to be true is that outing and activities with my babies are far from perfect, full of laughs (to keep from crying), lots of photo ops (with picture taking being a major inconvenience, that is) and yep... plenty of fun (just not fun had by all). What I also know to be true now is that outings with my babies, all three under four, are what I make of them. I am learning to anticipate the tears, the constant demands for juice and snacks, the accidents, that need to repeat instruction 85 times over and the refusal to look in the right direction during the photo ops.  

I am also learning that every successful family outing must end with several two bite cupcakes for mommy and a prayer of gratitude that I made it through. Oh Joy!

From Syreena, With Love