She's a game changer, my Savannah Demi. I prayed for her, my girl. I prayed for her without knowing how much she would change my world. The desire of my heart was to have two handsome young boys and and pretty little girl. And in that order. I knew that I wanted my boys to have an unbreakable bond. To hold one another accountable through their life's journey as young men of God. To confide in one another and share in life's adventures together. And the perfect little punctuation to the end of a beautiful sentence would be their goWageous little sister. A little angel lady that they could watch over and protect. That they could cherish and advise. This was/is part of the vision for my little family unit.

Little did I know, that having a girl would completely change the game for me. Reality hit me as soon as I saw her squishy little face in the delivery room. IT IS I WHO WILL HAVE TO TEACH HER HOW TO BE A WOMAN. It is my responsibility to lead by example and set the standard of what God designed a woman after HIS heart to be. For my little men I felt the pressure and responsibility to be a better person. But, for my lady baby I feel the pressure and responsibility to be a better woman. It has caused me to fight harder, dig deeper, repent quicker, try better and seek with my girly heart strings leading the way.

For the first time I'm embracing what it means to be WOMAN and how flippin' important we are. A woman lead only by the Holy Spirit in every area of her life. A woman full of love, grace and compassion. A woman who worries for nothing and finds security in her Savior. A woman who uses Gods strength in her weakness to "fight like a girl" because, after all, that's a good thing. I want her to be a woman who embodies the Fruits of the Spirit. One who has a full understanding of what belongs to her as a child of the most high. I could go on...

All I know is that's she's changed the game. And, oh boy, what a difference a girl makes.

From Syreena, With Love