Somedays… when homeschool lessons, coloring sessions and good times making ginormous train tracks aren't enough, your oldest baby just might come up to you and say ever-so-seriously,

"It's really not good for a boy to be in the house all day!"

AND I QUOTE!!! ReaLLY DuDe??!?

It's a little after 9:30p and all of my babies are just settling down for the night after at least two hours of …

"…but I'm just not sleepy"

"Mommy, I have to pee."

"…why are you not answering me?"

"…why is sister crying?"

Seriously kids!!! Just go to sleep already!!!

I'm currently FaceTiming the bestie and working on a blog post to recap the awesomeness that was last Saturday. I am also refusing to be overwhelmed by the potentially overwhelming long list of things that I would like to accomplish over the next few months. Instead, I intend to stick to my (one of few) resolutions for this year and simply plug my list into my monthly goals (GO GIRL, GO) <------ that is me, cheering myself on LOL! Time to pack book bags and diaper bags for the morning commute to the grandparents casa for homeschool/playdate/business pow-wow with the SugarBoo (intro to come lata). Ill leave you with images of my baby boys hanging and learning together. LoVe!!!

From Syreena, With Love


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