My Kendall Carter is three years old today. And while most people say things like “I cant believe its been three years already” I’ve definitely felt all three years of life with my Kendall Bear. He’s my fire ball. He’s full of energy, full of joy and T-H-E most independent PERSON I have ever met in my life. He’s a very matter of fact, don’t get too attached because there’s a great call on my life, type of guy. So far, he has learned to put himself to bed, taught HIMSELF to read and spell at least 30+ words, says hello and thank you to me in Chinese and is on the cusp of potty training HIMSELF. He’s a gem, but in the strangest of ways. I Love Him!!!


He woke up the morning of his birthday, hesitant and still wanting to sleep in. I said, “Happy Birthday Kendall Bear.” And his reply was, “Thanks Mom” and then a quick, “iPad, where are you?”. HA!!!


My middle boo is three!!!


I want to forever remember him this way.

From Syreena, With Love