...literally! things are getting a little bit crowded around here. their newest obsession is climbing in their sisters crib in the morning and kickin' it until snacks are ready. it was a little nerve wrecking at first. but, now i just go with the flow. to say that she loves it is a serious understatement. i kinda love the fearlessness of kids. that and the fact that my son's make sure to let me know things like, "it's ok mommy, relax...it's just fun!" really kid!!!

i've started to embrace their "play" a lot more lately and i must say that it is quite liberating. not to mention that i love the look on their faces when they are caught doing something, turn to look at me and totally think that i am going to flip... but i don't! instead i snap a couple of pics and join in on the fun. i think this little change of mine is changing our relationship. not that i am trying to be their best friend or anything. i still lays down the law. lol. 

i recently got the ninja cooking system and i love it. it functions as a stovetop, a slow cooker, and an oven all at the same time. love, love. my first meal was a bust. i made a lamb stew. slow cooked it over night. and while the aroma was divine throughout the night, it was a tad too soft and borderline mushy in the morning. definitely should have cut the cook time down. ah well. i forged on and have since made everything from breakfast to pastas in it. yesterday i made rosemary lemon chicken and it was amazing, super easy and i plan on making at least once a week for sandwiches, salads and sunday type dinners. I'm in love.

this is what my babies do while i'm cooking dinner. it usually involves a couple of iPads and some big brother watching from the lady baby. I'm really grateful for their imaginations and the fact that they are so good at keeping one another entertained, it has been a lifesaver for us during this very long winter. we will all be over the moon once spring really rolls in and we can get outside more again. until then, well just keep forging on with our parties at the crib ;)

From Syreena, With Love