a few fridays ago we took a quick family trip to the discovery museum. it was a beautiful day, and despite the fact that i had been feeling a bit under the weather, i sucked it up, packed up the kiddies and kept it moving. 

it was a tad bit crazier inside than i'd liked it to be. there were a few school field trips that made for quite the crowd. one of the major perks of staying at home is that i can choose to do things during non-crowded, less stressful times. things like grocery shop on tuesday morning, run errands just after morning traffic or before rush hour, and visit children's spaces before all the children are out of school. next time, i must remember to call ahead and ask if any school trips are scheduled. end rant. 


oh big.... i love the way you grabbed littles hand an escorted him to your first area of play. such the big brother you are. 


my mouth was hurting, my throat was on fire and my muscles felt like mush so please forgive the seriously awkward smirk/smile above. i sat on a bench nearby and let BDH run the babies around to the different exhibits in the museum. it was fun. 


overall we had a ball. i was really proud of myself for pressing through my terrible fever and uncomfortable state that day for the sake of the babies. we hit up lunchtime, to go of course ( cuz we just haven't gotten to the point where we can dine out with all three in tow) and headed home for naps and relaxation. fun day. well, fun day - fever = can't wait to do it again. 

from syreena. with love

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