we spent the end of last week in richmond. we tagged along with BDH on a quick business trip and since a lot of my fan bam lives in that area we thought it made perfect sence. we spent a lot of time hanging out in the hotel and the kids were ecstatic about it. to be honest, i wanted to go out a lot more but the logistics of getting the kids out by myself  have been a tad tricky lately. the lady has gotten a bit big for the current wrap that i have and the double stroller is to big to pack in the car. somethings gotta give. new car. new carrier. new stroller. suggestions? 

my brother stopped by and hung out for a bit ^ and we stopped by my aunties house to hang and chat and play outside (it was a beautiful day!!!) 

the boys are obsessed with writing letters and now words and sentences so it was in true CamKen fashion that they find all available pens and papers in order to get some daily practice in. 

their new fav is practicing letter formation via my iFont app i installed for making my own apps of course. but, if it makes their hearts happy to create their own fonts then by goly, ill let the boys play. 

all in all the trip didn't quite go exactly how i imagined. for some crazy reason, i thought i might be able to spend serious quality time with all of my fam but that wasn't the case. ahhh well, maybe next time. until then, ill just keep missing my fam something fierce.

from syreena, with love