^^^i know you've probably already seen this one all around the web but i love it none-the-less ^^^

yesterday was an uneventful day. pretty regular. cooking. cleaning. diaper changing. entertaining. i'm grateful for this regular day. i've been working on making more the basics more enjoyable, more fun. but, it's hard. and, to make a very long story short, by 4:00pm i was done, done, done. i mustered up enough energy to bathe all of the babies and tried to wrap my head around finishing up dinner but i was spent!!! i called BDH and let him know that dinner was a no go. he could hear the frustration in my voice, i'm sure. he said, "no problem, ill take care of it". and that was that.

when he arrived home he had a small grocery bag of a few basics and deep inside my blood was boiling. i knew what was about to transpire. he then proceeded to list all the things he could whip up real quick. corn. beans. a little leftover rotisserie from a few days prior. "daddy basics" he calls it! but does it look like i want "daddy basics" i was screaming inside!!! i want something fat. something fried. something sweet. something to drown my frustrations and make my thinking a little foggier. sad, i know. 

it took me a while to get my life together. like, a few hours type of while. and, i consider this progress because, not too long ago, i would have let the ridiculous fit i was having carry on for days. i quickly reminded myself of the day i decided to stop drowning my frustrations with bad food laziness and figured i would whip up a quick green smoothie and start on tomorrows dinner. my cravings for "bad" food were getting stronger as the night moved on, a serious stronghold obviously. and just when i thought i couldn't take it anymore, BDH asked me to come over for a second. he played this sixty second video that reminded me to remember and stay focused on my goals.

# 30. It is a dream of mine to travel the world. And, yet, I am soooo not the traveling type. Im working on that too.

and then he followed through with a quick message by kenneth e. hagin on being led by the spirit. that man i married certainly knows how to help me "buffet my flesh"...lol (1 corinthians 9:27 amp)

i pray that i find the meaning and learn the lesson in every single one of my "roughest" days.

from syreena, with love

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