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ok, so easter is over but spring is still here and my babies just can't seem to get enough of the egg hunt. so why not set up shop again, take a little video the second time around and call it easter 2014?

guess this was my first "real" attempt at throwing together a "home movie" and i hope to make many many more. maybe just not quite as focused/unfocused, with snazzier music and fancier shots. i kinda consider it the beginnings of that whole keeper of the memories thing that i want to accomplish...

I'm learning how important it is to get over myself. to get over my need for things to be "perfect" and start to love the fact that things get "done". its funny how self absorbed i can become sometimes. funny how i can make things that aren't even about me, have to do with me. the babies just want colored eggs, Jesus kind of love and a little bit of fun. and I'm here to give it to them. 


egg hunting is fun. my babies are even funner and I'm grateful for this little family of mine. lets do this more syreena.

from syreena, with love

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