these little babies keep my life lively in the simplest of ways. as i struggle to overcome busy and a feelings of inadequacy, they are my constant reminder to seek joy over happiness. our mornings have been slow and steady. they have been rising one at a time, first the big, then the little and finally the lady. it has been giving me just the right amount of time to handle each one according to their ages. the big requires just a bit of instruction, the little needs a few extra snuggles, a triple dose of love and the lady....well she just needs a whole lotta mommy right now, and thats just fine with me. 


once everyone is awake and fed, we hang out a bit and watch a little disney jr before we get into the play and learn of the day.


this little lady baby has come to despise getting dressed. apparently it takes away too much time from her day of exploring and putting ALL THINGS in her mouth for fun. 

big has to wrestle with little these days, for mommy to get at least one decent picture from him. and those super dark and crusty-like lips are courtesy of a milk allergy and possibly something else (starting a food diary and a three day at a time basic food trial to figure out how to help my little man). 


we have adapted a lot of morning free play and learn. i let them explore and we grab a hold of any and every lesson in our play. its been amazing lately with the challenges of homeschooling multiple ages and the lady. we spell sight words with our wooden alphabet, we add and subtract poms and blocks, and we make and spell shapes and colors with colored pencils, markers and crayons. its amazing how much you can use as a teaching opportunity. i love the way they learn. 


later in the day is when i normally get alone time with big to focus on more structured lessons and crafting generally comes around dinner prep to make for calmer littles. life as of late has been beautiful... in the most organic of ways. 

from syreena, with love

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