i used to search the internet for hours and hours trying to find a day in the life of a homeschool family. it would take me hours to find something that interest me, something that seemed like it would work for us. i started by researching philosophies, methods etc. the more i researched, the more i found myself frustrated with the amount of information and confused. it seemed like everything i tried to implement would fail royally. everything i tried to plan and schedule would backfire. it was no bueno!!! i stumbled across so much that i tried my best to mimic and mirror only to find that it just wasn't working for us. thats the thing about this homeschool journey of ours. no matter what i find or what i think looks good, its all about what works well for us. its plant week around here and things are looking up. we've been doing a lot of unit studies around here lately and we kinda like it. i started off with a little lesson planning, pulling together a few activities, coloring pages, worksheets and journal pages and let it ride from there. 

i found a cute little "parts of the plant" video on our brain pop account and let them watch that a few times for introduction. this normally gets them started as i get the lady together for the day. then we all have a quick color and tracing session where we chat and i gather info on what they know and have an understanding of already. then we took a trip to the library to gather a few books of plant things.

it just so happened that BDH was working on the yard and preparing our flower beds for flowers and plants. way to align with the lesson boo. the big and little were able to really get hands on lessons about plants, seeds, their growth and life cycles. 


we also explored the idea of "plants we eat". we made a fruit salad and talked about the plants they come from. and we even had a chance to visit tia/tios house and get a first look at their strawberry plant and have a taste.


our plant unit will probably last a lot longer than a week. there are so many things to learn and dive into when it comes to seeds, plants, sowing and reaping. fun. just keep going syreena girl. as foreign as this whole "homeschool" concept may seem at times, it has been so beneficial to my babies. and although it is such a huge sacrifice to my own self, its a sacrifice i am willing to make. 

from syreena, with love