i am not a park lover. i repeat, NOT A PARK LOVER. i wish i was, i really do. my babies love the park. but there are some fundamentals that park makers get all wrong, in my opinion. like first and foremost, that mulch. it hurts. not sure what the solution would be, but that aint it. when the kids fall, or mommies trying to catch the kids that fall and fall. yea. not working for me. 

now lets also talk about the park and the blazing sun. its hot. like, is it me or are trees just not ideal to have around parks. you know, like, for shade purposes. my kids love to be at the park until the sun goes down and I'm trying to leave at least 15 minutes after we have arrived. just saying. 

places to sit. like, really. what if i would like to sit and read or draw or do some meal planning while the kids play. work on that park makers, seriously... not enough. 

now that i am done with my rant for now, on to the issue at hand. my kids love the park and we've been frequenting them quite often lately. blogged about some park fun here. this particular day was half past blazing and had no trees around, but i won't complain.


^^^ she likes to get dirty, obviously! ^^^


^^^ we call these "big brother hands" and they seem to work well,  most of the time, trying to keep my crew all together. i heart it! ^^^


i learn to best of lessons at the park with my babies. this time around there was a particularly high slide that seemed a bit daunting to my boys, to be honest...to me too. it was high. and big and little circled around it a quite a few times before they decided to give it a whirl. little went first. slight shaken, but loved it and quickly went back for more. i could see the fear in bigs eyes when he got to the top. he wanted to go. he mulled over the possibility of it being the most fun of the day. he could clearly see how much fun his brother was having flying down, one ride at a time. but it was still shaking him up a bit. i decided it would be good to say something motherish so i chose, "don't be afraid baby". and he replied, "i'm not afraid!!!". even though i knew he was. 

then he climbed up to the top of the slide and said out loud, "God has not given me the spirit of fear!!!!". and off he went.

do that, baby boy! do that.

i promise i almost cried seeing my baby's faith in action. #faithlovesworks baby boy, #faithlovesworks


lets just call these little ditties.... the park diaries!

from syreena, with love