ahhhhhhhh!!!! i'm so tired i could scream. but i won't. i just got all of my babies tucked in bed and i wouldn't dare wake dem there babies after all i had to do to get them down for the night. i am in full, last minute, party mode as my lady baby's first birthday garden party is TOMMORROW!!!! i am finding it so hard to believe that it has been a year since i brought her sweet little face home to stay. i would cry right now but i am far too tired to produce a tear. nope. not even one. 

i am finally winding down for the night and figured i would throw up a few pics from our "first day of summer" fun celebrating our baby cousins graduation in pennsylvania. 


her party was held at the nicest little pavilion in the community center nearby them. can i just say that this was the best little community center ever!!! we spent the majority of the time at the park and enjoying the wide open spaces ridin' round and gettin' it with my babies. 


^^^ i am growing to have a serious like-like for our "swing time". this is definitely a sweet little time of bonding for the little and the lady. they LOVE it! they swing side by side, laugh and giggle.... its divine! ^^^

^^^there was a volleyball "court"?!? right next to the pavilion and the little was obsessed with feeling the warm sand under his feet. "look mommy pig.... i'm at the beach. b-e-a-c-h, beach!" i adore my little genius! ^^^


^^^my littlest^^^


i really enjoy spending little isolated bits of time alone with my kendall bear. lately, i have completely dropped the "kendall" and end up calling him just "bear" and he loves it. not sure how thats gonna work out when he's 16 but good thing thats many moons from now. 


it was an awesome first day of summer and i am beyond grateful for this little family of mine. now off to get some rest for this here party of my ONE YEAR OLDS tomorrow. (seriously!?!) well at least i can soak it up for the next two days since her actual birthday isn't until monday. maybe ill even get her birth story up by her birthday. hows that for procrastination?! 

from syreena, with love