lately things have been a bit too heavy around here. theres been tons of school planning, parenting book reading, education philosophy researching etc. i really enjoy actively planning for our family to thrive. but i have been a bit overwhelmed by the "heaviness" of it all. i have really been feeling the need for rest. resting in his presence, in his fullness, in his joy!!! i wanna have fun, i want things to be light. and sometimes the idea of my responsibilities as a wife, mother, friend, daughter etc... just seem kinda heavy. then i have to remind myself who i work for. i have to remind myself that his yolk is easy and his burden is light. the heaviness doesn't belong to me, and its time to lighten up.


we took a quick trip to the beach. and it was just the fresh air i needed to remind me of who was really in charge.


^^^ the sweetest little watermelon you ever did see. ^^^

i love seeing the differences between my boys and recognizing the areas in which i am put here to usher them through developing and cultivating. i know that sounds like a bit much but thats the way i see it.

my big is very observant. he notices every detail and soaks in every little thing when he experiences something. he observed the waves, he recognized the waters strength, he delighted in the color of the sand and the way it felt between his toes. but his heightened senses make him very aware of potential fear. he is at the point where he needs to know of our God more than ever. that there is a God who protects him, a God who provides for him, a God who made the waters and the lands. this is the point where i am excited to introduce him to the fine line that is between "understanding" and "acknowledging him". 

my little, on the other hand, is fearless. he throws caution to the wind, sees the water and the waves and dives right in. the excitement of life makes him anxious and impatient. trying to introduce him to patience and God's perfect timing is where he is right now. 

^^^ i love that man right there ^^^


i hope this is just the first of many trips to the beach this summer. we love the waves and the sand and the sunshine. its amazing!


excited for things to get lighter around here. so glad to know and love a God whose there and ready to take over each and every time i let go. 


from syreena, with love