it is earlier on in the night (about 9:28pm), the kids are in bed, the kitchen is halfway clean, there is a ginormous pile of laundry sitting right in front of me ready to be folded and put away. i decided to take some time to clean up the crazy amounts of photo/video files that are floating around on my computers/hard drives and came across these pictures that i took just a few months ago.

i'm just sitting here, in the quiet, thinking about all the things i have going on right now. i started the blog back up, began our family youtube channel (From Syreena, With Love), our homeschool youtube channel (Faith & Love Adventure Academy), started our t-shirt/lifestyle brand (TheFALLCo), began reviving/developing our photography/filmaking business (Syreena B Creative) sprinkled with a few extra little secret goodies on top (can't wait to share :). 

i have no idea what God is up to in my life (well maybe i have a little idea) but i have spent sooooo much of my adult years making decisions based on how i thought it might bring me income. i've pushed away so many ideas and chosen not to take on countless projects because of a lack of money. it's really, really sad now that i look back on the years that were waisted. at the beginning of this year i made a decision not to do that any longer. i decided that money was no longer my god and that i would embrace this adventure of faith allowing God to be my provider and to show me the way. 

"faith doesn't deny a problems existence, it denies a problem a place of influence"  -Bill Johnson

it's interesting the way that God teaches each of us. interesting the methods HE uses to show us HIS ways. several months ago i began to take note of my desire to travel. i've always wanted to travel... but, this desire started to turn into a full blown WANDERLUST. strong... so strong. i couldn't get it to calm down or go away and i didn't know why. until HE began to lead me to explore what true adventure really entails... i started researching... looking at travel blogs....

what i discovered is that adventure is less about airplanes and fancy resorts. and, yet more about packing light in possessions and heavy in trust, obedience, flexibility and most of all love. about choosing not to let fears keep you from moving forward. about being willing to explore and enjoying the NOW. 

what i am learning is that faith IS the adventure. it IS the journey. i felt the Lord speak to my heart, to say in a way that only he could say... you arrive only to depart again. get to know this feeling, i was told. and get comfortable with it... don't get too attached. bring your camera take videos, record the events in your journal... youll want to remember this! 

you know faith. all those things that you hope for.... all that stuff you don't see....


From Syreena, With Love