one of my favorite things to do with this family of mine, is take an afternoon walk together. there are some days where we spend far too much time indoors, between making meals, school work and chores i forget that i need to force myself to be outdoors as much as possible. its part of the privilege of homeschooling that i don't take advantage of nearly as much as i should. there have been plenty of days when BDH returns from work/errands and has to force me to grab my shoes and head out on the trail. its an awesome little trail, right in the middle of our neighborhood. its the same trail that he walked as a kid and the same one that our babies will remember too. so last week i thought it would be fun to head out and take the camera along to do a little leaf study and get a few bits and pieces of the trail on film, for our memories. 

sidenote: my father-in-love took a lot of video of them when they were younger and i wonder if there is any of them on this trail that i could use in a cute little film? << remember to ask him syreena!

^^^ the film from our little walk ^^^

btdub....try to practice filming with three kids is HARD!!! they are the perfect little actors/talents and it makes for beautiful memories. but, when you are actually trying to get steady shots, be artistic and practice diligently all while keeping your eye on all three! girllllllll..... or boyyyyyyy LOL. H.A.R.D! <<< but you can do hard things right syreena???

from syreena, with love

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