when you are engaged to be married you dream of all sorts of things. you dream of what your new life will be like with your husband/wife. you dream of what it will be like when you have kids. what holidays will hold together as a family. all sorts of new and exciting things. but i must say i never thought of what type of aunt/uncle my sister/brother-in-love will be to your babies!?.? its weird. it seems so small, but its so big!!! 

along with all of the things i did consider, HE has all the things i didn't consider, covered as well. i thought i had it made when i saw how amazing my sister-in-love was as an auntie/tia to my babies, and then she married... and he is a dream as well. they are loving, and caring, exciting and adventurous... I'm sure i could list plenty more ridiculously amazing adjectives to describe them but i think you get the idea. 

they are always suggesting fun little family outings at just the right times that pull us away from our troubles and help remind us of what is truly important and what matters the most. this time we headed to a park in philadelphia that i never would have thought the visit on my own. 

^^^ the vlog from our walk ^^^

 (the film is not quite done yet)

the weather was perfectly fall-ish, there was plenty of room for the babies to run (somewhat freely), and the visual stimulation and creative potential was all around for me. i took so many pictures and filmed so much that it calmed any worries that i had allowed to build up inside me thorough the week. 

when they say "let's go..." <<<< just say yes/ok syreena!

from syreena, with love