every year, around this time, we visit the orchards with friends & family to pick apples, go on hayrides, toast marshmallows and drink cider. this year we started of with a trip to the apple orchard with our friends tammi, jared and their beautiful baby girls lia and violet. of course i totally turned it into a homeschool field trip, well... because... why not??? 

we usually head over into pa at the linvilla orchards. we went with our sister janora & her, then, fiance darren when lady baby was only a few months old and the year before with our friends tameka & nate with our goddaughter morgan when we just had the boys. ill try and link to the post from our previous trips if i can. this year we went with tam and her fam to hill creek farms and it was such a sweet little orchard. 

the apples were plentiful and it never gets old to see that actual food ACTUALLY grows/comes from the earth. i know, i'm so weird but i consider it nothing short of a miracle. 

the babies picked their favorite apples, and went "exploring" through the apple trees while we took photos and video clips of all the fun they were having. 

one thing that threw me off a tiny bit was how ridiculously hot it was that day. definitely messed with the mood of fall apple picking but it was still such a beautiful day. 

now, let me just hit you with a few small disclaimers to follow all of the sweet words and pretty pictures listed above. LOL. i was exhausted!!! i had previously hurt my knee, was sweating and completely on edge trying to keep track of each one of my tiny humans, had one camera on my neck for pictures...another camera on my arm for video and my iPhone in my back pocket for instagram. but i am choosing to remember, mostly, all the fun that was had. 

^^^ our apple picking vlog ^^^

from syreena, with love