its 11:59 and i am just getting in from a date night full of books and conversation at the starbucks in barnes & noble. there is just something about that book store that makes me feel completely at peace and surrounded by inspiration and knowledge. to be honest, i'm not even sure where i am going with this one, lol. it was a very "rollercoaster full of emotions" kind of day. which turned out to be ok since we took it easy and had "off" for columbus day. i needed it. but there are a few pics i forgot to post from a few school days ago.... and so here they are LOL

the decision to discipline myself to write/record even when i don't feel like it will probably be one of the best decisions that I've made lately. its hard, it really is, but i want these precious babies of mine to know that hard days are a part of the deal. and thats ok. i also want them to know that done is far better than perfect. and even though it pains me to post/write giving what i feel to be the 20% that i have to give, that 20% is being given wholeheartedly. 

last week we explored the season change and chatted all about the fall. they have been doing an amazing job with their scripture work and their vocabulary builders. we have also spent the last few weeks revamping our go to apps and youtube channels based on their skill levels and interest. its been fun. now we will be moving into the solar system/outer-space and the boys are super excited about that. 

i actually started another youtube channel especially to serve as a homeschool portfolio/journal of sorts. the kids are really excited and i think i might be even more excited about all the fun we will have making videos. i drew up our school logo the other night and hope to get around to filming our introduction tomorrow sometime. should be tons of fun!!! now its off to bed. I'm getting more and more excited about the new mercies that come in the morning because i am sooooo glad to be at the end of this crazy day. 

from syreena, with love

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