it's only 8:05pm and i'm sooooo tired. this time change has been so rough on me. i would like to say that i am adjusting well but, not so much. when it gets dark, i feel like its bedtime. my body is still adjusting. i don't really have the best concept of time... well, i am the worst.  and i need to do better at setting up alarms on my phone to remind myself of whats next in the day so that i'm not totally thrown off by the early night fall. anyways, the kids seem to be doing just fine with it, which makes my transition just a tad bit easier. 


in other news, story times are getting more and more exciting around these parts. the kids do less jumping and tumbling around and have, basically, taken over the reading so that has been a lot of fun to sit back and enjoy. i let them know that its time for their sisters story and they grab the books and read to her while she jumps on their backs and hugs on their necks. it is the best thing to watch. ever.

from syreena, with love