its 9:37pm and i can close my eyes and hear the sounds of nothing but a completely silent house right now. BDH is out playing ball and the babies are in bed. no tv on. no music playing. only silence. i wanted to post a few pictures from a little fall art session we had a few days ago. after gathering a few completely gorgeous leaves from the ground just outside, we decided to bring them in for some observation and a little watercolor fun. art sessions are generally short and sweet around here, with the occasional session that last for a few hours when they get lost in their own creativity. but we try and make art happen around here, as often as possible. i would love to have a creative studio space in our next house, where they can just experiment for hours on end with different media. but for now, just a little watercolor at the dining room table will do.

sometimes i wonder if it is a good thing to “push” the arts on them so much, if i am “going about it” in all the wrong ways. what if they hate art? what if i should be pointing them in a totally different direction? more towards the sciences, or towards history? but then i realized that its the passion that i want them to grab a hold of. i want them to see that it is a wonderful thing to find something that you are passionate about and to pursue it with your whole heart. and the beauty of homeschooling is that i am right by there side to take note of the areas that interest them the most, that light their little hearts on fire, and then this would be my opportunity to encourage them to push that passion in that particular direction. i would imagine that God takes on the same approach with us as HIS children. passion is such a very beautiful thing.  and mine just happens to reside in the arts.

anywho, those are my little thoughts for the night…lol

from syreena, with love