the other day i posted on my instagram about how ridiculously exciting it is how well they have learned to learn together. even with the two years that separate them & their complete differences in personality, they complement one another. i just get to sit back and watch as each of them lets their strengths cover the others weaknesses, and it often takes my breath away. schooling kids of different ages/levels has been the biggest challenge for me. it is really hard to stick to a curriculum or a “learning path” for that matter. hard to tell when to be firm with them when i introduce a new method of learning something or when to let go and allow them to explore a topic/subject freely. i keep having to fight the urge to label them with a grade level or stick them into a specific learning style. its hard. but i have learned that they work so very well as a unit, as a team. i feel so blessed and grateful to God for the way they learn together. 

from syreena, with love