it fridayyyyyyy!!!!! and we just finished off our very first week of brian being back at work. i know, i know…. i haven’t really explained the whole “he got a new job & he is back at work now” thing. there are a few different reasons why i haven’t addressed things just yet and i hope to be able to sit down and write out all of my thoughts soon. but until then, we made it through the first week!!!! i still just have one car and the babies and i have been restricted to household and walking distance activities for most of the week. today, however, brian’s father came and scooped us up so that we could stop by his mom mom’s house to spend some time and do our bible and reading lessons together. it was so much fun to see them hang out and read the bible stories to her. it was definitely a major reminder of why i love homeschooling so much. after that we went back to the grandparents house to hang out until brian made it home from work, and then off to practice for the christmas program at church. it was a very full day. 

we have been working on so many exciting things around here that i have barely had moments to catch up with any family pictures and video footage. so, tonight i tried to work my way through a few and i started with these adorable photos of my favorite people. prepping and decorating for the holidays is sooooo much fun with these cuties around. even though it is exhausting considering the fact that they rearrange and touch every item that you place in just the right position, in just the right spot. awwww well. 

oh, and then we had a snow tossing party at the end!!!!

from syreena, with love