{LIFE & LOVE THROUGH THE 4 x 5, 2.18.15...}

its been a minute... let me catch up a bit! the lady baby is not so much a baby anymore and she has been on the move. makes it kinda hard to keep up, she truly is something else...lol. decided that make up is a must these days and pretty sure that filling in my eyebrows is making them go away :( reading classics like charlottes web to the babies (not quite going as magically as i imagined (( they are a noisy bunch ))) the little is starting to grow a serious liking for the lady and mama couldn't be happier. the big's 6th birthday was last week (i blinked and he grew a year older...its sad).... whelp, i think that's all ive got for now...LOL

from syreena, with love

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