ok, so... art is life!!! I've been thinking a lot lately about my passions and things that make me incredibly happy inside. I've notice that quite a huge amount of those things are rooted in art. if i could do it all over again, i would definitely have gone to an art school. however, the beautiful thing about it is that running my own school gives me the freedom to incorporate all forms of art wherever i can. and i do. weather it be painting, music, photography, cinematography etc. and they really enjoy it, which is a bonus win for sure. 

some of my favorite times with them are when i just sit supplies/tools in front of them and let them go. we normally put on the word or some of their favorite music and create for hours.

i must admit, the messes normally fluster me in the very beginning and then i manage to calm myself because the messes are what i love so much. there is hardly anything more enjoyable than seeing a paint splattered and dried art studio full of evidence that creativity lives here.

this day happened to start out really shaky. frustration filled the air and the tension was mounting. feeling cluttered and on top of one another, lots of whining and crying took place. 

and yet, with a little word, music and paint... art gave us life! we got our day back.... i adore my little artist.

from syreena, with love