i've been wanting to do this for a long time, planting something with the kids. so we took a quick trip to pick up a few starters, seeds and dirt to give it a try. now, please don't judge me... my thumb is far from green (maybe even black...lol) but i know there will be so much to learn from having our hands at it. gotta start somewhere, right?

my big and little where really excited about growing something and surprisingly rather patient about waiting for things to show up. 

we planted cilantro, basil, rosemary (my fav), green pepper, tomato, cucumber and a few melons. 

we even attempted to make painted rock markers, which was super messy but a lot of fun.

after we finished up they had fun living it up in the yard for a few hours before dinner. 

excited to see things sprout and grow. I'm pretty certain a few things will die in the process. teach me Lord....lol

from syreena, with love