i say no to everything at first. I'm often tired and my mind is always occupied by task that need to be completed and thoughts of days ahead. but I've really been trying to work on being present. just the right here and right now. and the way my sister is set up...lol. she likes to bypass my initial "NO's" and take the plans right to BDH. and that is exactly how she played it this time around. off of work at the last minute, plus a beautiful day outside, equals a little fun for all in PHILLY!

thanks to tia, we got a quick picture of the five of us :) i have to start remembering to do this more, its just that it can be such a task to get all five of us to cooperate. the struggle??..... yep, its real!

we packed lots of snacks, set up on a bench nearby and let them roam. such a cute little spot in the heart of the city. must do this again real soon

from syreena, with love