this summer has been good to us so far. not too hot, not too busy... full of fun. i've been trying to be a more spontaneous syreena lately and i think i am doing a pretty darn good (if i must say so myself). so when one of my favs texted and asked if we wanted to roll, we said yes please. well actually i said no and the morning of, bdh said let's go, so we went...LOL

^^^so lets have a small discussion about this picture for two moments. one because my boo took it without me asking him to pick up the camera, and two because he kinda sorta killed it on manual mode!!! I'm not perfect and the peeps in the background are not ideal but its a winner in my eyes.

look at the sun kisses on that lady baby. she's my best friend!!!

bigs a water child and littles a lover of the sand. they both enjoyed each others domain.

such a super fun day, and even better sleep was had for all that night, HA! our little beach fun film is up if you'd like to see HERE.

from syreena, with love