my big and my little are graduates now!!! my babies and i made it through our second year of homeschooling and i couldn't feel more warm and fuzzy inside. it was a difficult year, more difficult than the last and i had a newborn that year. this year was such a challenge trying to find my way teaching the boys AND keeping my very busy lady entertained and involved. i am beyond excited to have a small break to gather my thoughts on the last year and to be able to make adjustments as i have learned from this years mistakes and successes. overall, i'm so happy with US.

i know it may seem extra to other "homeschooling" moms/families, but it was such a joy to add small "legit" details to celebrate the end of our second year and recognize their achievements. 

the best part of this experience was practicing our song and graduation walk. these kids have my heart and soul. oh and i also posted a little film HERE. its a serious cuteness overload. at least their teacher thinks so ;)

from syreena, with love

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