its seven minutes to eleven, the babies are sound asleep and the house is quite. there are a couple more dishes left in the sink, a few random toys scattered on the living room floor, and a load of crisp new school uniforms that need to be run through the wash. i should be taking care of those things right now but instead, i am tucked into my bed with my hair in a bun and my glasses sitting just above the tip of my nose.... staring at the computer screen, opened up to the pages of  this blog. 

its been a while since i've written... typed... shared. i have thrown up a post here and there for the sake of documenting randomness in our lives but i haven't REALLY been here. i haven't really shown up every night to tap away at the keyboard and uncover my triumphs, my trials, my thoughts, my insecurities, my strenghts, my visions... my faith. that was the goal. but that changes tonight.

its been four weeks since we started the "school year" and its been a REALLY good four weeks. nothing has been perfect, by far. but, we have been moving forward everyday, learning together and loving one another. its been my pleasure.

this is our first year of using curriculum and i am so grateful that it has been a slow transition into the program. the work assigned for the days are extremely light and take us less than an hour to breeze through. this has been such a good thing, in that, it has given us time to get into a good rhythm and find what will work for us this year. 

my biggest surprise is how cooperative my lady baby has been easing into the school year as a big girl now. i must admit that i thought she would make it pretty difficult to get through the days but she has been such a gem. every now and then she needs a little extra cuddle time and a few moments to blast some worship music and get the "sillies" out. but she brings so much joy to our days. 

the boys are doing an amazing job adjusting to the curriculum. they are breezing through the work and really excited about some of the fun little "school" like things that we have introduced this year. its been a really good start... this first few weeks of homeschool.

from syreena, with love