its 10:05pm and i just finished sweating out all of the days frustrations via a 38 minute workout that, almost, completely took all the energy i had left in me. it seems i have just a tiny bit leftover to finally upload a few pictures from the bigs VERY FIRST SOCCER GAME!!!

gosh i love this little kid! and i must admit, i have been totally beating myself up for not spending more time truly listening to his heart. one would think that being a homeschooling, stay at home mommy would equal all of the heart-to-heart time that my big could dream of, but it doesn't. it is such a struggle to remind yourself of what matters the most DURING the beat of your day. oftentimes i don't slow down long enough to notice, until my day is all said and done. NEED TO CHANGE THAT.... LIKE, TOMORROW! anyways, scrolling through these pictures tonight makes me remember how blessed i am that God gave him to ME. 

he is my first baby. the first one to make me feel like i was going to be everything to/for him. the first one that made me want to be his protector, his comforter, his teacher... to make sure that he never wanted for anything. and now, six years later and wiser, my mission is to guide him in knowing the one who will truly be EVERYTHING to him. 

i really can't describe how it feels to see him so grown up. i am also having trouble explaining this whole transition in age. its WEIRDDDDDDD!!!! but of course you should know that i was out on the field with all three cameras (one for photos, one for video, and one for random snapshots...lol). he just better be happy i didn't make him wear the go pro on his head during the game. HA!

one, of many things that i noticed about him as he is getting older, is how passionate he is about everything he sets out to do. the funny thing is that he has been extremely passionate since he was born. the passion revealed itself in everything he did. and passion can be a very frustrating trait to parent (if thats even the right way to say it), but such a beautiful trait if cultivated properly. this passion shows up in everything he puts his mind to, especially in competitive sports/games. 

anyways, so far its been a joy to be his soccer mom. it makes me crazy bananas happy to be this kids mom. 

from syreena, with love