please... do yourself a favor and allow me to introduce you to Mr. Charles Willis!!! Yes, Charles and then Willis. That is what they named the snowman that we made from the leftover snow from the snowstorm. i almost missed making this beautiful memory with my babies. i was tired. it was only about 2 or 3 and i was ready to call it a night. its been so cold and kinda tough being stuck in the house so much with the winter blues hanging over my head. but i decided to shake things up a bit. i grabbed my camera, a couple dates, a box of raisins, a carrot and then the babies and i headed out for a little last minute fun in the snow. 

let me just say that TAKING SELFIES with the four of us is getting more and more difficult. trying to get everyone to look in the right direction, smile and free of blinking eyelids... its rough! but ill take what i can get because it is, most certainly, better than nothing. 

Charles Willis!!!!! LOL... these kids make my days so bright (after they've worn me out HA)

from syreena, with love

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