I'm pretty sure these are becoming my favorites, her visits. my sister got offered a position at a hospital about an hour or so away and its been hard for me. :( i know it is only an hour but i was used to her stopping by after shifts and in between other appointments for time to time. when she moved away, it made me sad. i tried my best not to let her know that but it was.... sad. i think i was mostly sad for the kids because she is such a joy and the learning never stops when she's around. so, when she popped up one day with her guitar and a quick plan for an impromptu music lesson... homeschool crashing was welcomed here!!!

the kids learned a few chords on the guitar and notes on the piano, then we ended things with a great big ole' dance party. and, of course i grabbed my cameras to remember it all. 

p.s. this is my absolute favorite way for my babies to learn. i love when they get to immerse themselves in the gifts, talents and knowledge of those that they love the most. 

from syreena, with love