i don't go out on sunday's. after church, we head off to pick up a few groceries and then head home to prepare dinner and spend the rest of the day getting ready for the week. at the most, we grab the kids pjs and head out to the grandparents house for dinner. this normally gives them a little time with their grands, we get a few moments to catch up and then back home, already in our pjs by now, to tuck everyone into their beds for the night. we don't go out on sundays. 

but, this particular sunday was a tiny bit different. i, reluctantly, said yes to our dear friends to help them celebrate a birthday and, although extremely tired, i wouldn't have had it any other way. 

we headed off to the city to walk, talk, grab some hot chocolate, apple cider and a candy apple in my case. then we found ourselves at an ice skating rink in the city's center square. my very first time... ice skating... with one of my favorite of friends. 

and, of course i bought my camera along! i, now, wish i had chosen to bring my big camera along. somehow, i always regret not bringing that camera of mine. i could have gotten some pretty incredible shots of the buildings, the rink, etc. oh well. for sure, next time. 

basically, i went out on a sunday. and, I'm so glad i did! happy birthday my beautiful friend. i love you two tons and 3 bunches girl!

from syrena, with love