its been a while since i did a proper homeschool post and i thought i need to do better making this blog my home base for all of the things that we have been putting our hands to. homeschool/lessons have been coming alive for us lately. i have been gaining a better handle on how to create an environment that they are eager to learn amongst and gathering resources and materials that are fun and engaging. 

we, recently, stumbled upon a quick mini unit study of the shark. i gathered a few fun resources to add to our study, we explored a few incredibly shark facts and put together a fun shark model. i even got a chance to film a few of our studies over the last few days and linked those from our homeschool youtube channel, below. 

my lady baby learned to spell a few new words like FISH along with her sight words and now knows that a group of fish are called a "school". the look on her face when she knows the answers is priceless!!! and, it was a joy watching the boys work together (on their own) to complete their shark model. i listed a few of the links to the resources we used for our quick study in the description box of each video if you're interested. 

from syreena, with love