its about 10:50pm and i am just finishing up a few edits and homeschool planning. i decided to upload a few photos that I've missed along the way and it just so happens that they are snow day pics that i am posting just a few weeks from the first day of spring! typical syreena. pray for me. 

we decided to throw on some tees from TheFALLCo and head out to get a couple of shots in the snow. the best part about starting a business, as a family, is having an excuse to do it all together. family is your business, they serve one another and that is exactly what we want out of the deal. 

i even got brian to jump in on the fun and we laughed the whole way through. of course it was more of an i'm-irritated-so-ill-just-laugh-my-way-through-it kind of laugh but thats ok. we are finding our way, LOL.

i love these little snow days pics of my crew. 

on another note, i’ve been pretty silent on the blog and social media as of late. that is because brian and i have had several heart to hearts lately, exploring what is next for us as a family. we’ve spend countless nights talking about purpose and vision and its been wonderfully exhausting. exhausting because the excitement of the “new” and “different” can scare the crap out of you if you let it. 

lets just say that the best is yet to come and we are beyond excited!!!

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