it was snowing this morning! yes, real snow. then, a few hours later, the sun made an appearance amongst the still bitter cold. trying not to be so anxious for more consistent spring weather, but it's hard. i figured i would cheer myself up a bit by finally posting a few photos from our easter sunday. it's so crazy b/c i remember last years easter sunday just like it was yesterday. i feel like the time with my babies is going by SOOO fast and i am having trouble keeping up.

these kids. my heart. 

i will choose not to speak on how hard it is to get them to cooperate all at the same time.

there personalities, as brothers and sister, really have me in awe lately. i can not get enough of how they all mesh as siblings. the way they fight and make up, the way the help and protect one another... it has really been a beautifully natural way of learning how important we are to one another. relationships... friendships... family. i don't even know if that is making any sense but there is a sense of commitment to one another through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs (in there own tiny worlds, of course). i love it! i feel like there is so much to learn in observing their interactions and encouraging their behaviors towards each other as their mom. i don't know, maybe ill write a bit more on that later... when i figure out what i am trying to say, LOL.

my oldest. my youngest.

and the one in between. gosh, i've fancied him so very much lately! :) 

our hoppy easter table :)

i love being able to celebrate and have a little extra fun with my babies. we love the bunnies, we love the eggs, and we certainly love the sweets that make things a little more exciting. but, what i love the most are the sweet conversations that i get the pleasure of having with them. conversations that help them better understand what and why we believe what we believe. we are a family that loves Jesus with all of our hearts. to give them the knowledge and the tools that set their little hearts on fire, igniting their own curiosity to explore who this savior is that we believe in and do not "see".... priceless. 

hope you enjoyed your easter sunday with the ones you love. 

from syreena, with love