it has been 6 years since i began diving deeper into photography. like many others, the birth of my first baby cause me to jump into gear that would give me higher quality photos and let me capture the most memories i could, in the most beautiful way. when i started out i searched for the best lens i could get for my money and it just so happened to be this gorgeous "nifty fifty" pictured below. i take her everywhere and use her for more than 90% of everything i shoot. i just love her. 

recently, brian and i have decided to learn and grow together as far as photography+videography is concerned. he has really developed an interest in learning what i already know and developing our skills in further beyond that. we've decided to document our journey/progress (as we so love to do...lol) through the blog HERE, instagram HERE and i was thinking of making my old SyreenaBPhoto website live again, to house all of our work along the way. i somewhat, seriously joked that soon we will be able to relaunch SyreenaBPhoto as Syreena+BCreative. it has a nice ring to it :) 

anyways, i said all of this to say that we invested in our first lens since the very first one I've ever had. this time around i knew that i wanted a 24-70mm but was struggling between the canon and the tamron. while my heart was with the canon (for sure) my bank account wasn't :( LOL. the downside to the tamron is that it creates a vignette on the edges of its photos at 2.8 that i am not a fan of at all. the upside, the tameron has an exceptional vibration compensation which is WONDERFUL for handheld video. 

all-in-all, we are crazy excited to finally have another lens and we've decided to name this baby, tammi-the-tamron LOL!

from syreena, with love