i love being married! i really do!!! and, not in a "it's just so wonderful, he gives me butterflies all the time, he finishes my sentences" type of way. honest. because the reality is that I'm sure he considers me the most difficult creature on the planet, i can't understand why he can never remember that i do not drink my water out of a glass or the fact that i refuse to eat white bread unless its toasted. i'm just saying'. what i love is that our love is so "unconditional". he's committed, and so am i. committed to loving each other, growing together, taking risks together. it's wonderful... more than a feeling, but a knowing! i love him! 

lately, we've been chatting about being more intentional with our time together. its hard when you have three little ones in constant need of attention, a house to maintain and a ton of other responsibilities. we've been so committed to working together as a team and have seen so much progress as a result of our efforts. yay! now we want to pour out more of our efforts into having more quality of time together and supporting each other in our health and fitness. were excited. well, I'm excited and he just feeds off all the excitement that pours out of my over zealous little heart. LOL.

we picked up new running sneakers, mapped out our meal plans and even started SnapChatting our little journey... pray for us! i am especially excited because intentional little things such as this, produce so much fruit in our relationship. i am excited for this health and fitness journey to teach us so much more about love and life with one another. i just really love growing with this guy. 

sidenote: i even started a "marriage" section of this inter-web space of mine. talk about intentionality and accountability, right! 

from syreena, with love

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