it takes faith to create! to trust that what God has for you is everything you could ever want and more. it takes faith to create something that you haven't quite seen before to be inspired sole by the vision that he plants inside of inside of you. you aren't a carbon copy someone else and neither will your success be. it takes faith to create the story that is your own. 

"sometimes what God puts on your heart is bigger than what you can communicate to other people -Jerome Lewis"

...those words have been on constant rotation since I heard them in a service a few Sundays ago. The fact is that often times I have trouble even communicating the dreams in my heart TO MYSELF!!! This morning we headed out on a walk to the lady baby's doctors appointment with my dreams heavy on my mind. You know us... Always trying to "figure it all out"!!!

"but none of this makes sense ?!"

"but these dreams feel SO impossible!" 

"dream even BIGGER??? I have no idea how that's even possible"

"people will think we've gone plum crazy!" "how will I EVER live up to all of that?!!" 

and as the thoughts filled my mind... Just before I started to drown in a pit full of doubt and unbelief, I caught a glimpse of the words on my shirt as they read...

"seek ye first the kingdom of God... and ALL THESE THINGS shall be ADDED unto you!!!" ~matthew 6:33

it was a reminder to me to put HIM first!!!

my heart melted to mush.... Let me explain.... 

in an effort to dive deeper into my relationship with God, I would try (in my own might) to make changes in my life as I learned different principles of living this Christian life. this led to failure and frustrations that I have trouble even thinking of without it turning knots in my stomach. 

one night, the frustrations were high and my heart was so heavy. what kind of God makes someone feel this way??? whatever happened to your yoke being EASY (whatever a yoke is) and your burden being light ????

thats when i heard the soft whisper in my spirit...."what matters most is faith expressed through love...." (galatians 5:6) the message was so clear, so certain. a life of faith. a life a love. 

"how do I live this life?", i whispered back.


this began the journey that has been exploring this faith&love life. theFALLCo was birthed as "tiny" (but power packed) memos/revelations from him to me... theFALLCo was created to help me have the faith to explore what those revelations revealed to my heart. to have the faith to create this vision in collaboration with HIS will and HIS abilities. i have to trust that HE will show me the way and chose to obey even when i am struggling to understand. 

(back to our walk from the doctors office) "i will look to you FIRST Lord, and let you add all these THINGS to me", i said aloud.  in that moment the words of my mouth created calmness in my heart. the words that i spoke created the peace and confidence that i needed more than anything else.

this is where faith & love create. just as HE created the light by SAYING, "let there be light!" and there was LIGHT.... i have the capacity to CREATE like the CREATOR

from syreena, with love