another mothers day has come and gone. this time we spent it driving down to virginia on friday to see all the mothers in my family and then turning right around to head back home on sunday to see all the mothers in his crew. it was exciting and exhausting all at the same time!!! with brian's work schedule, three kiddies that need a lot of accommodating, make a lot of noise and our one car, it never seems like we have enough time to relax and enjoy family during such short trips but it sure is nice to squish on their faces and pass out big ole' hugs. 

it was my intention to set up a space and interview the mommies in my family for a short film that i had in mind but it didn't work out quite that way. however, i did get to set them aside and ask them a few questions about what being a mother means to each of them. there were a lot of words used like hardwork, dedication, sacrifice etcetara... all of which i am finding to be so very true. you can watch the video HERE from our family video diary, if you'd like.

everything i thought about motherhood has/is being redefined every day that i get to be mommy to these three of mine. it is exciting. it is exhausting. it is sweet. it is sour. gosh there really aren't the right words to describe what being a mother really is. but with the love and support of all the mothers in my life i am realizing more and more every day that.....

i'm doing so much better than i think i am...

happy mothers day

from syreena, with love