my babies are done with soccer for the spring and i am soooooooo glad it is over, LOL. spring soccer has been so different from fall soccer. the weather just hasn't been fun at all and with brian working on the weekends and me not having a car the whole season, its been a true labor of love. 

it was so fun getting to watch both of the boys play this time around. slightly tricky to juggle watch time for each of my babies when their games often ran right into one another but super fun. 

cameron has really grow between this season and his last. he is so competitive and very determined and excited about life, its contagious. he also really enjoys the teamwork and is very attentive to instruction which is a wonderful thing to watch as his momma :)

kendall..... boy, oh boy my kendall bear! i was so pleasantly surprised by how competitive he is turning out to be. he is not as naturally into sports as his brother his but we found a way to make it exciting and that was with MATH!!! he absolutely loved keeping the score and would constantly score and then turn to look for me with his thumb high in the air and his dimples decorating that cute little smile of his, " did you see that mommy?". he's an amazing kid.

i am so glad to see spring soccer go and well a much warmer, more pleasant season of soccer in the fall. not quite sure if i will have all three of them signed up and ready to go but it so... jesus be an energy drink LOl. love my babies.

p.s. we vlogged the day of their last game just in case you'd like to check it out HERE ON OUR FAMILY VIDEO DIARY

from syreena, with love