{AWAY IN D.C. PART 1...}

"living without limits comes from a person whose heart is more captivated by a vision than a problem ~ "

i love this quote so much and it applies to my whole entire life right now but in particular, my marriage. sometimes our circumstances make it hard to find time to connect with one another's hearts. its hard to see past the the challenges of each day. hard to rest in HIS promises. hard to constantly take the necessary moments to recharge and refuel. i have no idea what it would be like to live in this world and navigate through marriage without our foundations being rooting in HIM. i am so grateful to have someone who loves our God like i do. and evermore, someone who believes that HIS every promise for our lives are for NOW and for ALWAYS.

TheFALLCo. was birthed and is an ever revealing love letter/blueprint from my FATHER above. i know it just seems like a t-shirt company, but it really is so much more. the other day i read that God sometimes responds to our prayer with an answer, while other times HE responds to our prayers with a "journey" that reveals those answers along the way. YEP. PRETTY MUCH! in building this "business"  HE teaches me day by day, not to conform to the ways of this world, but rather to walk each one of our days out by faith and leaning on + resting in HIS love. i say all of this because it has everything to do with this little trip of ours. 

it has been well over a year now that we have been walking out a new level of our faith as we learn to truly trust in HIM as our healer, our teacher, our provider. gosh HE is so very good. good not because HE parts the sea and raises the dead in our lives everyday, but rather, like a good teacher... reveals to us the miracles that are, in fact, laced in every part of our EVERY DAY. 

we spent a few days in D.C. away with one another and it was so very special. we didn't do anything spectacular. we didn't travel anywhere exotic or grand. but we enjoyed being together so very much and couldn't help but smile at all of the adventures that our FATHER has in store for us both near and far. 

there was not one argument. there was not one single moment of confusion that wasn't nipped in the bud right away. there was not one single moment that was taken for granted.  after ten years of challenges and trying times growing + navigating through life together, i really can not express how simply wonderful it was. 

just believe that it will get better. believe that God works all things out for your good. beielve that HE is both, the author and the finisher of our faith. beielve that the vision in your heart for your marriage, your family, your business, your life.... is so much bigger than any problem you encounter. just believe that God is, in fact, GOD! 

just grateful.

also, you can check out our vlog of day 1 HERE...

from syreena, with love