it is actually early afternoon and i have a few moments to write up a quick blog post + a few pictures from our trip to the zoo last week. we headed to the cape may zoo in cape may, new jersey. brian is good for suggesting family trips at the very last (and i mean, last) minute. but this time he gave we a little grace and suggested the night before. LOL. we, originally, wanted to head to the beach but we thought it wasn't quite hot enough for a day at the beach (in the water, at least). we packed lunches and got on the road.

had my wonderful husband given me enough of a heads up, i would have been able to make a more thorough plan for our trip. i would have probably gathered a few extra resources to make the most out of the learning opportunity and even schedule for a quick stop by the boardwalk only a few minutes past the zoo but ahhhhh well. 

we did, however, thoroughly enjoy ourselves. the weather was so pleasant and the kids were extremely well behaved.

cameron + savannah were super interested in the animals while kendal was counting down until lunchtime. Ha!

the boys read a lot of the signs throughout the zoo. it really is such a warm feeling hearing them read so wonderfully and knowing that i had a little something to do with that. #homeschoolmom

we made it back to the car and had lunch next to the birds.

cam even asked to take a few photos and managed to capture these gems.... it really does amaze me how many of the photography concepts he actually grasps (exposure, the rule of thirds, back button focus) that kid is so teachable. 

they had so much fun and were completely knocked out on the ride home. family fun is the best thing ever!

from syreena, with love