i'm getting ready to head out with the babies for the day. we decided on a kiddie pool fun day for the lady's birthday + we need to pick up a few small things for a little extra fun. i am also considering grabbing a few supplies to teach the kiddos to bake cupcakes, i'm certain that would make the best birthday fun for our little lady. any who, i took a few pictures of a few children's books i was considering to join our summer reading list and i thought i would share here on the blog. we love a great children's book with beautiful illustrations to match and i thought these were super fun. 

in related news, the kiddies + i are working on a few very, very, very, exciting projects that include our absolute favorite illustrator, our love of children's stories, and a little bit of our imagination. we are super pumped to share more along the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (a few extra exclamation marks for excitement sake :)

what are some of your favorite children's pictures books, old+new? and let me know if you'd like to see a post, or two, on how we maximize stories w/ complimentary lesson plans. 

from syreena, with love