had a chance to get through birthday pictures and i thought i would share. my lady baby is THREE YEARS OLD now and i feel so strange. i haven't had a three year old without having another baby around to make thing sting of the other growing one year older a little easier on me. i know, i know, i am being so dramatic but my heart is so HappySad right now. and the funny thing is that i think she has been comforting me by refusing to say that shell be turning three. instead, she says "i'm gonna stay two mommy! i'm gonna be your baby ok!" YOU GUYS!!!!! THIS GIRL!!!!!! 

as i load these pictures and write up this post, i can see her reflection in the living room mirror. she's sitting criss cross on the couch playing with legos while her brothers watch a movie. she's such a big girl. 

on her birthday we decided to blow up the kiddie pool and spend the day in the backyard soaking up as much of Mr. Sunshine as we could. i invited my friend tammi over with her girls to make the day and tad more fun and she showed up with a party in a box. 

party hats, feather boa, cupcakes and a crown. doesn't get much better than having awesome friends to add an extra sparkle to life. 

they spent the day splash splashing their precious hearts away and the bubble machine made an appearance so that was extra fun. 

tam bam, her adorable family and a quick pic of the guys...

this girl has been waiting something fierce for a cupcake on her birthday...

introducing.... my three year old lady baby!

i adore this little girl with every little piece of my mommy heart. 

from syreena. with love