our first "official" day of homeschool is here!!!!! and, Camp Faith + Love Adventure Academy is in full effect!!! i thought that "camp/scouts" would be a great theme for this year,  an awesome way to give them more incentives to "achieve" and take more responsibility over their own character devlopment. i thought it would push the concept of adventure and as they reach certain milestones these pieces of flair that i found on etsy..... insanely adorable!!!

yes, i picked up a tent to really drive in our theme this year and they LOVE it. our first story time selection to kick off the year was BECAUSE YOU ARE MY TEACHER by sherry north. and of course i added a little "don't feed the bears" and campfire with marshmallows to our chalkboard.  

the tent was a kids version, two person sleeper i found HERE. it is just the right size to fit my three little kiddies in for story time with a flashlight to start our day and end our nights. 

we had such a successful first day and of course we vlogged a bit of it too if you care to follow along. 

how was your kiddos first day of school? homeschool? private/public school? it such an exciting time and flies by right before your eyes. lets keep all the memories and make the most of the little things. 

from syreena, with love